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Bottom Ad Placement Vs. Side Ad Placement: What It Means to Advertisers

By Julianne Bohl When Google first started testing “bottom vs. side” ads, it struck me as suspicious. For the five years I’ve been in Search advertising, an ad position of three was pretty solid – you could still get plenty of eyeballs on your ad for high-cost terms without breaking the bank. With “side” ads [...]

To Test or Not to Test? That Should Never Be the Question

By Erin Snowden Because the answer is “Always test!” We live in a world where almost everything can be tracked, so forget about your focus groups and turn to analytics. The answers are already there; you just have to dig through the data to hear what your customers are already telling you. From there, run [...]

Listening: The Best Marketing Strategy

By Sal Conca Each week, the NetX media team gets together to discuss best practices, and this week’s topic was Strategy. Strategies are huge and take lots of time from prepping and planning, analyzing data and coming up with BIG IDEAS. As an agency, we pride ourselves in being a strategic partner for our clients, [...]