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To Test or Not to Test? That Should Never Be the Question

By Erin Snowden

Because the answer is “Always test!” We live in a world where almost everything can be tracked, so forget about your focus groups and turn to analytics. The answers are already there; you just have to dig through the data to hear what your customers are already telling you. From there, run tests to answer questions and ease trepidations.

I know, it sounds a lot easier than it actually is. Where do you even begin? Here are a few useful tips to help you get started:

Stop being a marketer and start being a normal person. Our websites are part of our everyday lives so we know what it takes to navigate them, but does the rest of the world? Start looking through your data and pinpoint where people are dropping off or not doing what you want them to. Are they clicking on the “Try Now” button like you think you told them to or do they keep clicking on top products? Maybe they leave right away. If they’re not doing what you want them to, something’s wrong with your site or page. Maybe it’s the messaging, maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the font, or maybe people don’t know what you are selling.

If it’s too hard to be normal, seek outside help. A website therapist so to speak. This can take the form of feedback from a friend outside of the industry, your agency, or uber-optimizers like our friends at Site Tuners.

Make it easy for people to give you money. Error and drop-off reports tell a lot. If you receive a lot of errors when people are asked to enter their credit card name, there may be something confusing about how you are asking for the information, or where the fields are placed.

Don’t forget about how your customer got to your site. Testing in marketing channels is just as important as testing elements of your site. Test different messaging or creative images to increase traffic, but also test to be more inline with the landing page and product. The ad is the first touch point in convincing a customer to purchase from you, so make sure you are clearly explaining what it is that you want them to do. Also, make sure that all marketing channels are consistent, because no one only interacts with just one.

And remember: it’s not where you start, it’s when you start.