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Industry News Update for the Week of June 22

By Erin Snowden

Video ads have another record month, Facebook launches real-time bidding and LinkedIn offers targeted messages. Find out what else happened this week!

Americans Spent 4.5B Minutes With Video Ads In May
Video ads have set the record in May for having over 10 billion ads delivered. According to ComScore, Americans spent over 4.5 billion minutes watching video ads last month. In fact, video ads reached 52 percent of the U.S. population an average of 64 times. The leading video platform has been Hulu, with 725 million minutes. Hulu ranked highest with the most ads delivered, the most ad minutes watched, as well as delivered the highest frequency of video ads to their viewers.

Facebook To Launch Real-Time Bidding For ‘Marketplace’ Ads
For the first time, advertisers are able to target audiences on the Facebook using their own first-party data as well as other third party data. Now, advertisers will be able to point out users who have visited specific sites, and remind them of their previous intentions if they did not close on a purchase. This works by allowing the eight chosen companies, who will act as third party for advertisers, to sync the cookies they’ve dropped on users with a Facebook cookie to anonymously serve ads to users. These targeting ads will appear on the right rail of Facebook’s pages.

Microsoft Comes To The ‘Surface’ With New Windows 8 Tablet
Microsoft is now a competitor in the tablet space. Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer recently revealed their Windows 8 tablet known as, “Surface”. Window’s new tablet is thinner than Apple’s 3rd generation iPad and has a 10.6 inch screen with HD resolution. The suggested retail pricing will be announced closer to the tablet’s availability and is expected to be comparable to the ARM tablet or Intel Ultrabook-class PC.

Making The Web’s Subscription Economy Hum
The use of subscriptions is on the rise for companies around the world. Research calculates that by 2015, more than 40 percent of media and digital product companies will use subscription services for their fulfillment, billing, and renewals. The subscription model has not only been creating convenience for customers, but can give companies the financial stability when experiencing lower conversion rates.

LinkedIn Adds New Targeting Options
Not only can marketers now post a status to their company page on LinkedIn, but they can also target those statuses towards a specific group of followers. The targeted status updates are part of LinkedIn’s Follow Company program, in which LinkedIn charges companies for their followers on the website. Targeted statuses can aim for categories such as; seniority, job title, geography, company size, industry and employee tenure. As a result of targeted statuses, companies such as Salesforce have seen an increase in followers as well as event participation.