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Catch the Latest Headlines in the Netx Industry News Update!

Taking the headlines in this week’s Netx industry news update are back-to-school shoppers eager for savings and Google’s improved AdWords reporting!

More Back-To-School Shoppers are Looking for Bargains Online
Nearly 70% of shoppers say they will use online comparison shopping sites for back-to-school shopping, a major jump from 2010 when only 23% of consumers said the same.  Additionally, 41% of shoppers said they will seek out back-to-school coupons from retailer web sites, up 33% from last year.

Participate in the 2011 AffiliateBenchmarks Survey!
The 2011 AffiliateBenchmarks survey is underway so don’t miss your opportunity to participate in the industry’s largest research study of affiliate marketing trends and best practices! Everyone who participates in the survey will get the full study sent to them for free (a $3,000 value) within two weeks of the results being published.  Please note that all surveys must be submitted by September 1st.

AdWords Adds Top vs. Side Reporting
To help AdWords users get more accurate feedback on how their ads are performing, Google is adding a new data table option that contrasts the statistics for ads appearing on the top of search with those appearing on the side.  Previously there was no way to tell how top and side reporting impacted the success of an ad but the new reporting feature will now allow users to view the figures separately.

U.S. Mobile Advertising to Hit $1.2 Billion in 2011
A new report by J.P. Morgan predicts U.S. mobile ad spending to grow to $1.2 billion this year.  Despite rapid mobile growth, the report points out that global penetration will only approach 30% this year, indicating there is still plenty of room for expansion.

Brand Campaigns on Facebook Up 104%
According to research released by TBG Digital, the number of paid brand advertising campaigns on Facebook rose 104% in Q2 when compared to Q1.  The Q2 study found retailers to be the fastest-growing marketing sector in Facebook advertising, accumulating 36% of all impressions.

Subject Line Personalization Doesn’t Impact Click Rates
Emails that are not personalized with a consumer’s name in the subject line generate a 3% click rate, equal to that of personalized emails, according to a study released by email service provider MailerMailer.  Non-personalized emails outperformed messages with personalized subject lines with an open rate of 11% compared to the latter’s 4%, while emails with personalized body content generated a 13% open rate.